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Comfy Covey (More Dylan Covey Scouting Video, 2010 Draft)

October 27, 2009

Dylan Covey is motoring right along in the pre-draft season. Here in October, he’s doing the routine things a potential first round pick does: maintaining a high level of performance and projection. (That and filling out 8,000 self-addressed stamped envelopes for area scouts.)

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“I’ve felt good lately,” Covey told Baseball Beginnings after he pitched. “Pretty much since Aflac (in August), I’ve felt good.”

Since his effective showing at the Aflac game in August, Covey has only helped himself. He’s very clean mechanically and has natural mound athletic actions, which help him command a fastball at 94 and his true weapon, a curveball, as hard as 86. He threw a slider here to keep it sharp, at 88. You have to have sympathy for the junior college guys he was facing. You don’t see big league caliber arms in the South Coast Conference very often.

Covey is a guy we’ll have a full package on in the spring – his expanded scouting report and his player Q&A. If you’re just finding Baseball Beginnings while looking for info on this guy, stay with us as we introduce you to other top draft prospects nationwide.

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4 Responses to “Comfy Covey (More Dylan Covey Scouting Video, 2010 Draft)”

  1. Jon Beckwith says:

    My son Danny plays on the same HS Baseball team with Dylan and we have known him for awhile since Little League. This guy is an amazingly talented player who happens to be a very good hearted kid that any coach would love to have on their team. I have really enjoyed knowing Dylan and his family and look forward to seeing him continue to pitch.

  2. evan says:

    Hey John, I saw a piece of video from another scouting site the other day and it appeared that Dylan’s arm was discernibly slower when throwing his curve. Have you noticed that in any of your viewings?

    @Jon, good to hear that Dylan has good makeup in addition to his amazing ability. Always good to hear that a kid has the right attitude. I really think people are going to be talking about him a lot by next June and that he’s going to shoot up boards.

  3. John Klima says:

    I wouldn’t be too worried. Each time I’ve seen Covey one of the best things he has going for him is the same arm speed for FB, CB and CH. I’ve seen him three times now (Aflac and two Angels Elite outings) and that’s not a concern I have. If it was video from the Florida outing, it was only two or three days after I saw him the second time at Angels Elite. So here’s a HS kid throwing on short rest after flying cross country. To me, these are the factors that free-agent scouts need to pay attention to. I’ll give you an example. I saw Tyler Skaggs last spring at Hawthorne HS pitch in a garbage game in which he had to sit for an hour because no umpires showed up. So I saw enough of him to like for myself and see what others liked, but had I never seen him and had I formed all my conclusions based on one look, I might have made a mistake and under graded him. These variables are aspects a scout must be aware of when scouting a pitcher in person. It really comes from experience and seeing many players at many levels. It’s not text book and it’s not instinctive. It’s a learned skill, an acquired ability, a scouting nuance experience teaches. Would it surprise me if Covey was jet-lagged in the snippet you saw? No. Would it remove him off my prospect list? No.

  4. evan says:

    Hi John, thanks for the reply. Not sure what event it was, actually, so I should check. And it certainly didn’t hurt my estimation of him one bit. At this point Covey looks so good I’m just trying to determine if there are any weaknesses. I thought he’d be the talk of Aflac when it came to pitchers (well, he and Taillon who was also superb) but I’ve read several summaries and some barely mention him. I suspect the buzz will begin in earnest next Spring, but you’re well ahead of the curve at this point.

    Interesting that you mention Skaggs, a kid many were light on imo. All I had to see was video of him warming up to like what I saw. Great frame and a good arm with a nice slot. Anyway, thanks again for the response. This site has quickly become a favorite and I’m doing my best to spread the word.

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