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Q&A with Dylan Covey, RHP, Maranatha (CA) HS (2010 Draft)

March 31, 2010

Dylan Covey was pitching in a long-forgotten game somewhere in Florida a few years ago when he found himself in trouble. He couldn’t throw his fastball for a strike to save his life. In previous seasons, he never really felt confident in any one off-speed pitch, but this game forced him to find something he needed. What happened was he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a million-dollar curveball. Four years later, the hard hammer is Covey’s signature pitch and the separating factor that puts him in Group 1 of 2010 high school draft right-handers. Baseball Beginnings caught up with Covey for this recent Q&A.

Baseball Beginnings: How are things progressing for you right now?
Covey: Pretty good. I took a few months off before the season. When I threw at Compton, that was just getting my arm back in shape. Now I’m throwing once a week and my mechanics are good. I’m surprised because last year at this time I was throwing a lot of balls and now all my pitches are working for me. I’m even starting to develop a little bit of a change-up. Everything is falling into place right now and feels pretty perfect.

Baseball Beginnings: I just saw you run poles at 10:30 at night after pitching six innings on a cold night in a game that nobody will remember in 10 minutes. There was not a single scout here to see that, unless you want to count me. That strikes me as a guy who is committed. Is there an element of wanting to maximize your ability?
Covey: Off the mound, I’m not a loud guy. I’ll sit back and watch everything develop. On the mound, Danny Ricabal taught me how to be a ferocious guy on the mound. All the other stuff, the running, that’s just my Dad and my coaches telling me that if you want to get it, you have to work for it. They told me I have a gift and it will take me somewhere, but to get above everyone else, I will have to work harder.

Baseball Beginnings: Did you lose weight over the summer?
Covey: I lost about 15 pounds.

Baseball Beginnings: For you, the separating factor is the curveball. Where did that come from?
Covey: When I was a freshman, I had no off-speed. It would either go above the catcher or straight into the dirt. One game in Florida, I couldn’t locate my fastball. So I had to work backwards. All of a sudden, I had a curveball. I have no idea where it came from. I never had an off-speed pitch before that. Ever since then, I’ve had a really good feel for it.

Baseball Beginnings: You’ve got two breaking balls. There’s the good hard 84 one, then there’s the 81 curveball with more of a loop than the hammer.
Covey: The curveball is sometimes hard breaking and sometimes it rolls off my fingers. My slider is more of like a really slow cut fastball. 

Baseball Beginnings: What things do you want to improve on in the coming years?
Covey: I think a change-up would definitely help set me above the rest. I started throwing one. I was playing around with it and found a new grip. I don’t really want to throw it in high school games because I don’t want to give somebody something they can get around on. I think that would help me in the minor leagues. Then, just consistency with mechanics. I have a tendency to fly open when I get tired.

Baseball Beginnings: You hide the ball very well and I think it helps create deception. I can see it in the bullpen. Is that something you’re aware of and is it something you intentionally worked to add?
Covey: When I was playing for the Braves scout team. I used to not be so low. It’s a slight mechanical thing and it helps me hide it.

Baseball Beginnings: It seems like part of your balance point now, too, when you swing your arms back.
Covey: Yeah. It worked for me.

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