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Q&A with Mike Lorenzen, OF, Fullerton (CA) HS (2010 Draft)

April 1, 2010

Fullerton High School has a long history of sending players to professional baseball. Mike Lorenzen fits into that tradition, with his prime tools being his arm, power potential and speed. Most times when you see Lorenzen in a showcase, he’s in right field, though his heart is in center where he can command the defense and close the gaps. Time will tell where he ends up, but he has the right body size and physical projection to give it a run. Baseball Beginnings caught up with Lorenzen for this Q&A.

Baseball Beginnings: Tell me where you are for you for now, in terms of where your development is as a player?
Lorenzen: I see myself being a great five-tool player. My arm is my biggest strength and then my bat. I just see myself being a five-tool player that’s going to help any club out. I just feel that any club that picks me, they’re going to love me because I work for them. I’m going to work my butt off.

Baseball Beginnings: What do you see as your best tool?
Lorenzen: My best tool is my arm. That’s obvious to me. Other people love seeing it. My other best tool is just my mentality toward the game.

Baseball Beginnings: What else do you feel you do well?
Lorenzen: I have knowledge of the game in terms of just what to do in what situations, what to do in every situation. I just feel like I know what to do. I know the game very well.

Baseball Beginnings: What things do you feel like you would need to improve on the second you sign and go on your merry way?
Lorenzen: My strength. I know that I’m going to grow and I’m going develop a huge amount of strength. People do comparisons with me and it’s too early to compare.

Baseball Beginnings: Comparisons are stupid.
Lorenzen: They’re really stupid. I know that I’m going to be powerful one day. Really powerful.

Baseball Beginnings: Do you envision yourself as the prototypical right field kind of guy?
Lorenzen: I hate it when people say that they’re going to move me to right field. I just can’t stand that.

Baseball Beginnings: Really? Now I didn’t know that.
Lorenzen: Yeah, I’m a center fielder at heart. I love being the leader on the field and being in control out there. It’s like a low blow to me, saying that he’s going to be in right field. I hate it.

Baseball Beginnings: I didn’t mean it as a dig. The reason is, to me, your best two tools would be your arm and power, and that’s right field. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad runner and a bad fielder, it means that guys with power bat and power arm are hard to find. That’s why Guerrero was a center fielder when he was a kid, but by the time he was 25 he was a right fielder. That said, what would do better than you do right now in five years?
Lorenzen: Everything, for sure. I feel like every single year I have to get better. If I don’t get better, then I failed myself. If I don’t get better every single year. If I don’t get better from where I need to develop. I could be at the end of my career, and I want to be better than when I was in my prime, when I was at my prime age. I want to get better and better and always better. You’re never going to be perfect, but I want to be near perfect.

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