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Scouting Video: Cameron Gallagher, C, Manheim Township (PA) HS (2011 Draft)

January 20, 2011

Cameron Gallagher is seen here taking some August cuts. Keep reading after the jump and I’ll tell you what I see.

The first thing is the body. He’s a barrell-chested right-handed hitter who can’t run, which in pro ball, translates to hit or go home. That means the bat has to play at all levels on every step up. He’s got a very quiet set-up, a narrow stance and he likes to remain closed and let his arms guide him. He’s what we call an “armsy” hitter, which is where he gets his power, but it also means he has a long swing. That can be a best friend or a worst enemy at the faster levels of the game and it usually comes down to what kind of aptitude for adjustment the player possesses.

This guy gives us a very balanced stride, just a little back load body shift, lets the arms take his hands where they need to be, and then he finishes with a slight uppercut. He’s geared to pull and as time progressess he’ll need to show he can go to right field enough to be dangerous. He makes hard contact in this round for the most part and I felt he made consistently hard contact in the week long summer look I had.

His secondary tool would be his throwing arm, which is nice to have, but the pro people are going to ask if the bat carries him. Even with a 5 or a 6 throwing arm, a guy like this usually finds his way to first base in the coming years unless he can substantially prove that his athletic actions and footwork carry him behind the plate or at third. Sometimes left or right becomes an option. Time will tell. People will want to see if he can sit in the chair for nine innings, and every catcher in America knows exactly what I just said.

In the end, it comes back to the bat. Based on my look I’m sure there will be pro-siders who think it projects. As I say, the players will tell us.

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