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NOTE: Baseball Prospect Report’s grading scale may not be re-published, duplicated or disseminated in any other publication, blog or website without the express written permission of Baseball


FRANCHISE PROSPECT: 70-80. These are star prospects. They are the best players at their positions. They should be major league all-stars for years to come. These players usually have the money skills: power and speed. (A)

DEFINITE PROSPECT: 55-69. These are above-average prospects who project to be quality starters on major league teams. These players are projected to produce consistent production with All-Star ability during their best years. (B)

MILD PROSPECT: 53-54. These are everyday prospects. These are solid starters that may be offensive-oriented players. They may lack one tool or intangible to be premium players. They are everyday regulars for contending teams. (C+)

MILD PROSPECT: 50-52. These are regular prospects, which are average players with enough offense or defense to allow for consistent everyday value to a major league team. A player who can be on the 25-man roster. (C)

FRINGE PROSPECT: 48-49. Fill Prospects. These players project as extras at the major league level. They may be platoon players that are offensive oriented or have the versatility to play several positions. (D)

FRINGE PROSPECT: 45-47. These players project as fringe major leaguers with strictly back-up value at the major league level. They may be players with hard-to-apply tools or tools that don’t neatly fit a role at the major league level. These are insurance policy players for a major league club. (D-)

ORGANIZATIONAL: 40-44. These are minor leaguers, non-prospects who have limited tools that should prevent them from reaching the majors, but whose knowledge, desire and heart could fill an organization’s needs at lower levels. (O)


FRANCHISE PROSPECT: 70-80: The highest quality No. 1 starters and closers. (A)

DEFINITE PROSPECT: 55-69: Quality No. 1 and No. 2 starters and average closers. (B)

MILD PROSPECT: 53-54: These are No. 3 starters and lesser-quality closers. (C+)

MILD PROSPECT: 50-52:  These are No. 4 starters and quality set-up. (C)

FRINGE PROSPECT: 48-49: These are No. 5 starters and some potential setup men. (D)

FRINGE PROSPECT: 45-47: LHP and RHP situational relievers. (D-)

ORGANIZATIONAL PROSPECT: 44-40: Staff fillers (O)

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