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Baseball Beginnings Exclusive: Dylan Covey Bypasses Brewers; Rumored Shoulder Injury turns out to be Type 1 Diabetes; Will Play for the University San Diego

August 16, 2010

California high school right-hander Dylan Covey has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and will honor his commitment to play college baseball at the University of San Diego, bypassing signing a professional contract with the Milwaukee Brewers, who drafted him with the 14th overall pick, Covey told Baseball Beginnings exclusively Monday night.

Covey said that college baseball would be a better fit for adjusting to his new lifestyle than would professional baseball at this point. He stressed that there were no ill feelings toward the Brewers organization, and decided for himself that college would make the transition to a diabetic lifestyle smoother.

Covey, whose late-season slump fueled speculation that he had a shoulder injury, received a clean bill of health for his arm in a pre-draft medical examination last weekend.

However, blood work showed that he has Type 1 diabetes, a condition he previously did not know he had. The diagnosis explained his late season velocity drop and threw a curveball into Covey’s future plans.

Covey said the decision became about how to manage his health in the immediate future. He said he believed that college baseball is a better option to learn how to regulate and maintain the lifestyle. Both Dylan and his father, Darrell, expressed positive feelings toward the Brewers. They both said negotiations were not acrimonious, but conducive to what was best for Covey’s future. The family declined to discuss financial specifics.

“The news was such a shock to me,” Dylan Covey told Baseball Beginnings Monday night. “It explained a lot of what went on late in the season. At this point, it’s going to take about six months to get used to the treatment cycle. I’ve got about six months till the college season begins. This is all new stuff and a lot of it is hard to remember. I just felt like it was going to be easier to get used to what this lifestyle is going to be in college than in pro ball.”


Baseball Beginnings Breaking News: Matzek’s first interview after he signs with Rockies

August 18, 2009

Tyler Matzek wind-upTyler Matzek granted his first interview as a professional pitcher to Baseball Beginnings on Tuesday evening.

We caught up to the Rockies left-hander via cell phone somewhere on his family’s long drive home from Eugene back to California. Matzek, less than 24 hours removed from agreeing to terms, stayed away from the rumor mill during the summer. He worked out with Trayce Thompson and threw bullpens to stay in shape. Thompson signed with the White Sox and Matzek headed to the University of Oregon. While Matzek and the Rockies were playing out the process, the online rumors flew: Matzek had enrolled in Oregon and he was seeking between $7  to $10 million.

“The rumor that I was in Oregon was true,” Matzek told Baseball Beginnings. “I had been there since last Friday or Saturday getting moved in. The rumor that I was looking for $7 million was also true.”

As the deadline neared, Matzek said he contemplated his present situation and his future career path. He decided that playing professionally in 2010 would be more advantageous toward reaching the major leagues. As the deadline neared, Matzek decided it was time to set out on a different road.

“I was willing to compromise,” Matzek told Baseball Beginnings.

Matzek and the Rockies split the difference. He confirmed the $3.9 million signing bonus figure as first reported by Tracy Ringolsby on Monday night.

Matzek said he doesn’t regret the process, but said he is glad it is over. He expressed the feeling that his desire to pitch in the major leagues as soon as possible outweighed all other considerations.

“At the time, waiting seemed like the right move to make,” he told Baseball Beginnings. “What it came down to was the Rockies are a good organization that moves players quickly through the system. I’d like to be in the major leagues in two or three years, two at the best-case scenerio, but if it would be three that would be OK, too. It just came down to a desire to pitch in the big leagues.”

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Strasburg, Green, Oliver sign at the wire

August 17, 2009

The signing deadline produced several last minute deals. The Washington Nationals signed right-hander Stephen Strasburg for $15.67 million, the Athletics signed shortstop Grant Green for $2.75 million and the Tigers signed left-hander Andy Oliver for $1.45 million. Baseball Beginnings covered these players and produced content on each of them during the 2009 season.  

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Marisnick agrees to $1 million pact with Blue Jays

August 17, 2009

Jake MarisnickJake Marisnick has agreed to terms with the Toronto Blue Jays for a $1 million signing bonus, Marisnick told Baseball Beginnings first Monday afternoon. Marisnick confirmed his earlier Twitter message that he had come to terms with the club. “I was hoping to get my number and (the Blue Jays) said they were there,” Marisnick told Baseball Beginnings. “I was all set on going to Oregon.”

Baseball Beginnings extensively covered Marisnick this spring. You can learn all about the former Riverside Poly outfielder, see him play, read a scouting report, and read his exclusive Baseball Beginnings interviews. Stay tuned to Baseball Beginnings as we continue to chase draft-day deadline news.

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Berglund signs with Marlins

August 15, 2009

Bryan BerglundBryan Berglund, the 66th overall choice in the 2009 MLB draft by the Florida Marlins, agreed to terms with the club on Friday and will complete physicals this weekend before formally signing his first professional contract on Monday. Berglund told Baseball Beginnings first on Saturday evening that the signing bonus will be for $572,500. The Royal High School product, who will forever be immortalized as the first guy we ever interviewed for the site, will begin in the rookie-level Gulf Coast League.  

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Reds sign first-round pick Mike Leake

August 15, 2009

Mike LeakeThe Cincinnati Reds have agreed to terms with 2009 first round pick Mike Leake (selected 8th overall) on a reported $2.27 million bonus. Baseball Beginnings scouted, captured video and interviewed Leake during the 2009 season.

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Reds sign Boxberger

August 15, 2009

The Cincinnati Reds agreed to terms with right-handed starter Brad Boxberger, the 43rd overall selection in the 2009 MLB draft, on a reported signing bonus of $857,000. Baseball Beginnings scouted and captured video of Boxberger, from the University of Southern California, this spring.

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Orioles close to signing Hobgood

June 26, 2009

 The Baltimore Orioles are expected to announce the signing of right-hander Matt Hobgood Saturday at a press conference at Camden Yards pending the completion of a physical, Baseball Beginnings has confirmed. Hobgood, the club’s first overall pick in the 2009 draft, was the first high school right-hander selected.

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UCLA LHPs Rasmussen (6 IP, 10K) and Grace (92 mph FB) open eyes on Cape

June 19, 2009

UCLA left-hander Rob Rasmussen, a 2010 draft prospect whose first half of the 2009 college season found him buried on the depth chart, pitched six innings Thursday night for Orleans, recording 10 strikeouts, one walk, one hit, and one unearned run. Rasmussen’s best weapon is a hard curveball that, when working right, profiles as his major league out pitch. Across the diamond for Cotuit in the same game, left-hander Matt Grace pitched 4 2/3 scoreless innings, hitting 92 mph. He walked two and struck out four. Grace is also a 2010 draft prospect, who has gradually added power during his college career.

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Hobgood Doesn’t Get the Finale He Hoped For

May 29, 2009

(photo: Baseball Beginnings)

(photo: Baseball Beginnings)


Right-hander Matt Hobgood’s final high school start before the 2009 MLB draft wasn’t the conclusion that the Norco (Calif.) pitcher and probable first-round pick envisioned. On the other hand, when a bad day constitutes reaching 95 mph and throwing the occasional hard 12-6 curveball at 75 for strikes, the game may be lost but the prospect status is not.